Join your middle school friends and small group leaders for a night of swimming, games, a cookout, and a movie. The party starts at 5 pm and students can plan to be picked up at 8 pm (10 pm if staying for the movie)

Dickson City and Clarks Summit students will meet at the home of Freedom and Kelly Kongvold (161 Colvin Rd. Dalton, PA 18414).

Wilkes-Barre students will meet at the home of Brian and Karen Miller (1437 Oak Dr. Shavertown, PA 18708)

The cost of $3, will help cover the cost of food.

*Due to the middle school party, 3D will not meet for normal programming on August 8.


A note about swimwear and apparel: We ask everyone to choose swimwear that is comfortable while maintaining modesty during active play (waterslides, ocean waves, volleyball, etc.). Our priority is that swimwear and beach cover-ups be modest, and many two-piece tankinis meet this standard. Bikinis tend to miss the mark. While PH does not require a one-piece bathing suit, there are times that a camp or organization we are partnering with will require a set of standards different than ours. In that case, we will happily abide by their guidelines (for example, a requirement of one-piece swimwear at The Wild or BigStuf Camp).