Middle School Moral Boundaries (Week 1) - Danny Howard

Sex is good and sex is powerful, but sex can be dangerous.

Questions from Small Group

  1. Okay, be honest: what was the most awkward part of today’s talk? 

  2. How often is sex talked about at your school, at home, or with your friends? 
(Answers will vary based on grade and family)

  3. If you have questions about sex or dating, who do you usually go to? 

  4. If God invented sex, what do you think that says about sex? 

  5. How can sex be powerful in a good way? 

  6. How can sex be powerful in a bad way? 

  7. As a middle schooler, what do you think it means to 
keep sex in its right context? 
(Important to confirm: God has a BEST in mind of us...including our sexuality)