Crew (Week 1)

Your friends can make or break you. 

How did your people become your people? Your closest friends, the people you call when you want to do something fun, the people you sit with everyday at lunch—how did they become your friends? Why did you choose them to be a part of your crew? When it comes to friendships, these are important questions to ask yourself. Why? Because your friends have the power to influence your life... for better or for worse. And when we don’t carefully consider the friends we allow closest to us, we run the risk of inviting in friends who influence us to make decisions we’ll regret. So to help us gain some wisdom on friendship, we’re going to take a look at Proverbs, a book in the Bible full of advice written by Solomon. If we apply Solomon’s wisdom on friendships to our own lives, we’ll find that the people we bring in to our crew will be the ones who influence us for the best.