Gone Fishing (Week 2) - Kevin Stiles

Open your eyes and be intentional with others.

Have you ever left your phone at home for the day? How did it make you feel? Like there’s almost a sense of panic that sets in. When you forget your phone, it’s like leaving a part of yourself behind.

Have you ever lost your phone? That’s even worse. You do everything to retrace your steps and rack your brain to try to find it. More stress and panic set in.

But probably even more common is the most dreadful, horrific event that could happen to a phone owner…dropping it in the toilet. It doesn’t even matter what else is in the toilet, that phone needs to get saved immediately. Get it out of the water as quickly as possible. Then do anything you can to save it…blow-dryer, ultra-absorbent paper towel, submerge it in white rice. As soon as that phone gets wet, you go into emergency mode to rescue it.

We get so worked up and will go through great lengths to rescue our phones, but what about people in our lives. Are we the same with them when they need rescuing?

This week, we continue our series, Gone Fishing, by talking about seeing our friends, family and neighbors differently. Seeing people as those in need of rescue.