Relationship Goals (Week 1) - Danny Howard

Stop focusing on finding the one, and start becoming the one God created you to be.

It is way too easy to be distracted by, confused with, and/or questioning what relationships are supposed to be like.  With all of the mixed message out there to be heard, we take one series each year and focus on our moral choices.  We want student to hear what God's best is for their relationships.  This week we are going to start a new series called Relationship Goals.  We want to give students a solid base of truth to build their relationships on.  If we aren't talking about it...they will get their information from somewhere. 

Here are the small group discussion questions that we will be diving into tonight.

  1. What are some things that started out special but soon became common or even boring to you? (ex. A new song that then gets over played and you suddenly hate it or a video game that you had to have but then beat it)
    • Important note: The song and video game didn't change, but our attitude has.
  2. Why is it hard at times to believe that the God who created you has a BEST in mind for you, your sex life, and relationships?

  3. How can knowing that you are chosen, loved, called, and gifted by God change your view of dating relationships?

  4. What needs to change in your life for you to STOP looking for THE one and to start becoming the one God design you to be?

    • Do you need to get out of a relationship that you are in?
    • Do you need to learn more about God’s best for you and make changes in your thinking about you, sex and relationships?
    • Do you need to start by entering a relationship with Jesus?