All Access (Week 3) - Danny Howard

Love God, Love others. 

Have you ever heard someone talk about finding and following God’s will for your life? If you’ve spent much time around church at all, chances are you have! And when you did, you probably found yourself thinking one of two things: What in the world does that even mean? Or, How do I know what God’s will is? Finding and following God’s will seems like one of those things only super-committed Christians or really important church leaders have figured out. But the truth is that God has big things He hopes and wants for all of us, and you don’t have to be a Christian for 10 years or work at a church to figure out what those things are. Because of Jesus, we all not only have the ability to understand what God wants for our lives, but also the power to accomplish it. As we look one more time to the book of Hebrews this week, we’ll see that with Jesus’ help we can access God’s will for our lives and understand how He has uniquely equipped each one of us to live it out every day.