Stuck (Week 3) - Kevin Stiles

Ask God to change your mind in the moment. 

We all have bad habits and thought patterns, and it’s SO frustrating when we want to change, but we can’t seem to get unstuck. Real, lasting change is difficult. Often, we feel guilt and shame when we’re stuck, so we hide our bad habits from others. So how do we move past these bad patterns and get unstuck?
In the book of Ephesians, Paul wrote to Jesus’ followers about how true change takes place in our minds. It starts by thinking “right,” and right thinking equals a changed life. But it’s not just about having a new thought; it’s learning to make a pattern of action from that thought. Getting unstuck doesn’t happen overnight. Changing our thoughts takes practice and perseverance, but right thinking over time leads to a changed life.

This week, we will be talking about habits.