Old School (Week 5)

The old school truth that we have been building through this series is that we believe the the Word of God Alone speaks that Christ Alone is the Savior of all humanity through His death on a cross for our sins, and He offers us salvation by Grace Alone that we receive through Faith Alone which will allows us to live for God's Glory Alone.

Our lives will tell a story. Everyday we work, play, interact, relate, serve, drive, clean, etc. and it all tells a story.  The question is, what will that story be about?  Will it be all about you or is there a bigger purpose to live for?

This week in 3D we will conclude our Old School series by talking about Glory Alone. We believe that life is meant to be lived for God's glory alone. That is a strange, unnatural concept for us.  We want to live life for ME.  For what makes me happy, satisfied, fulfilled, famous.  As Christ followers, however, we learn that when living for God's glory we receive joy and everyone around us gets the good that overflows from us.