FR18 Lake Champion KITCHEN Crew

Sign up to volunteer at Lake Champion during our Student Ministries Fall Retreat, October 19-21. During this weekend, you will serve as part of the Lake Champion staff. Please come with the expectation not to be a part of the regular Fall Retreat program.

The kitchen work crew will be responsible for preparing the food/working in the kitchen, serving the food/cleaning and setting the dining hall, and doing the dishes.  They may be given additional jobs to complete after their normal duties.

Please note that this volunteer role is under the supervision of Lake Champion for the duration of the weekend.
Your willingness to serve in this capacity will help reduce the cost for students to attend the Fall Retreat. Thank you for your willingness to give our middle school and high school students an incredible weekend!

For questions, email:

*To provide the safest environment for our students, Parker Hill Church require each Kitchen Crew member to complete and pass a series of three background checks. To download the instructions, please click HERE.

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