Our weekly PROGRAMMING is designed to assist all elementary age kids in finding their place in God's story.


A typical Saturday night or Sunday morning consists of high energy group worship, singing, dancing, fun games, and large group age-appropriate creative bible teaching. Kids also are split to grade based small groups where they get to connect with at least two small group leaders and do activities that reinforce the lifeApp (lifeApplication for the Bible story) of the month.


Student Ministries moveUP

June 5 will be moveUP for 5th grade students moving into 3D.

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During their time elementary school, we want kids to Learn these 3 Basic Truths. They are consistently intertwined through the monthly lifeApps

3 basic truths

We are passionate at Parker Hill about Partnering with Parents. We know that in order for a relationship with God to be lifelong, it's important for parents to be developing faith skills with their children at home. These are the four faith skills we believe are important to develop in Epic Kidz.

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©2015 The reThink Group, Inc. All rights reserved. www.ThinkOrange.com