We know that navigating the changing tides of teenage relationships and the emotions that can accompany them can be intimidating and overwhelming. The good news is you don’t have to wade these waters alone.

At Parker Hill Church, we want to partner with you and your student to create an amazing dating experience free of drama and regret. Dinner & A Movie is the beginning of a conversation that will allow you and your student to get on the same page early on. We’ll provide helpful tools that will create an ongoing dialogue in your home. When we enter this phase with clarity and appropriate boundaries, we create a situation where everyone wins.

During our evening, students and parents will explore three myths of dating based on pop culture. Then students will have a conversation with some of our student pastors over pizza and wings while parents enjoy dinner together and hear from some veteran parents who have personally navigated these tricky conversations before. After dinner, we’ll bring everyone together to look at what it means to date with freedom and security remembering that we’re all on the same team.