Join your High School (grades 9-12) friends, August 22, as we head to Lake Wallenpaupack for a day of tubing, water skiing, wake boarding, and fun with friends! The cost is $5 ($10 at the door) and includes transportation, fun on the lake, and dinner. Feel free to pack your own lunch (coolers will be provided). We will be leaving the Dickson City campus at 9AM and returning at 7PM.


 A note about swimwear and apparel: We ask everyone to choose swimwear that is comfortable while maintaining modesty during active play (waterslides, ocean waves, volleyball, etc.). Our priority is that swimwear and beach cover-ups be modest, and many two-piece tankinis meet this standard. Bikinis tend to miss the mark. While PH does not require a one-piece bathing suit, there are times that a camp or organization we are partnering with will require a set of standards different than ours. In that case, we will happily abide by their guidelines (for example, a requirement of one-piece swimwear at MIX Camp or BigStuf Camp).