We love to celebrate with kids and students as they take their next step in their relationship with Jesus and go public with their faith. It is so exciting to watch students grow in their faith and make it their own.

Our next baptisms will be happening in the fall. This fall, we will split up and have separate Kid and Student Baptism celebrations.

Kid Baptism (elementary students)
Sunday, October 20th: 6pm - Dickson City Campus
Required class - September 22 - 11:15am at all campuses

Student Baptism (students 6-12 grade)
Wednesday, October 23rd at 6:30pm - Dickson City Campus
Required class - September 25 - 8:15pm (after 3D) at Dickson City and Wilkes Barre locations

At Parker Hill, we look at baptism as a grand announcement…a proclamation…an introduction…going public…a time to get off that bench and play on the field!

In Matthew 5:16 Jesus instructs His followers saying “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Student Baptism is a chance for our students to declare and demonstrate in front of family, friends, coaches, and mentors “I want to live my life as a Billboard for Jesus Christ.”

If you have questions about baptism check out some of our information below or contact us.

Why baptism?

The Bible says that everyone who has trusted Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins and the leadership of their life should be baptized (Matthew 28:19, Acts 2:38-41). Baptism is an outward act that symbolizes an inward commitment of obedience to Christ and identity with Him.

The method of baptism most consistent with biblical examples is immersion in water (Matthew 3:16, John 3:23, Acts 8:38-39). The word “baptize” (baptizo) means to “dip under water.”

How old is old enough?

Scripture is very clear that baptism is to be a visible expression to your realm of influence of a personal faith in Christ. Ask yourself these questions about the kid or student considering baptism:

1. Is there a growing, personal, observable relationship with Jesus? Are they able to clearly communicate their God journey?

2. Do they have a sphere of influence in the world? Do they have friends they interact with in the neighborhood? Are they on any teams or in any community clubs? Are they going to parties and sleepovers at friends’ homes? Do they have anyone to invite to the baptism event outside of their immediate family and church family?

3. Do they have a personal desire to express their faith to their sphere of influence – sports teams, classmates, neighborhood kids?

The answer is “Yes, they are old enough,” when they desire to communicate their personal faith to their sphere of influence. The answer is “No, it might be wise for them to wait,” if they cannot yet clearly communicate their faith, do not have a desire to, or if, at this point in their life, they do not yet possess a personal sphere of influence.

Baptism should be:

  • Understood and memorable – not just a formality or party.
  • Kid or student initiated – not for parental comfort.
  • Geared towards a sphere of influence – not a family reunion. 

Why a separate baptism event for kids and students?

Separating adult and kid/student baptism events gives kids and students the opportunity to express their faith in an environment geared for and filled with the people who are in their realm of influence – other kids and students.

Our desire is to craft an event where a kid or student being baptized is swarmed by their parents, classmates, soccer team, neighborhood friends, and school teacher. We firmly believe that family members will find a huge amount of joy and excitement in seeing their kid or student express their faith publicly to the very people that God has place them “in and among.”