On February 23-24, our middle school and high school students and small group leaders, participated in our annual 30Hour Fast. This year, we partnered with World Vision, to Silence Disaster by providing food, clean water, education, health assistance, shelter, emergency supplies, and safe places for children to play, learn, and begin to heal from the traumatic experiences that caused them to flee their homes. Our goal was to raise $19,800 and our students raised over $22,200! Thank you for your support and your prayers as we truly do believe that Every 1 Matters. It is so exciting to watch as our students have the opportunity to share in and experience life change that is happening here in NEPA and around the world.  

Check out some highlights from this incredible weekend.



2017: Wreck the Ratio: Partnered with the 410 Bridge to provide textbooks to every student in grades 6-8 in Tumutumu, Kenya primary school.

2016: Fast Forward: Partnered with She Is Safe to give 250 young women in Myanmar an education for a year, which then considerably lowers their risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

2015: Dig Deep: Partnered with the 410 Bridge to help the village of Tumutumu, Kenya gain access to clean water.

2014: Pour it On: Partnered with 410 Bridge to build an elementary school in Maliarette, Haiti.

2013: Fast for Freedom: Partnered with Restavek Freedom Foundation to provide advocacy, education, and care for 50 restavek children being mistreated as household slaves in Haitian homes.

2012: Erase the Problem, Write the Solution: Raised money and awareness to bring textbooks and other learning supplies to the village of Karogoto, Kenya.

2011: Flood the Well: Raised money to help supply clean water and humanitarian efforts to the village of Karogoto, Kenya.

2010: Kenya vs. South Africa: Donated to finish various projects in for Karogoto, Kenya, and Cape Town, South Africa.

2009: Stick it to Poverty: Kick started micro-enterprise to support women and their families in Karogoto

2008: Fast to the Future: Supported 35 teenagers high school education for a year.

2007: Drown Thirst: Installed a well in Karogoto.