ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. We are accepting walk-in registrations. 

Registration fee is $20.

On February 24-25, all middle school and high school students (grades 6-12) are invited to take part in our annual 30Hour Fast. Each year, we partner with various organizations and ministries around the world to help bring awareness to a specific need. This year, we will be partnering with 410 Bridge and the village of Tumutumu, Kenya to provide textbooks for students in grades 6-8. Currently students are required to share textbooks, sometimes to the point of 36 students sharing 1 book. This obviously makes it difficult for students to be effective in their classwork and homework. 

Our goal of $17,500 will help change the ratio of books to students from 36:1 to 1:1 which will greatly improve student performance and allow for more effective learning activities. 

Will you help us Wreck The Ratio?



2016: Fast Forward: Partnered with She Is Safe to give 250 young women in Myanmar an education for a year, which then considerably lowers their risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

2015: Dig Deep: Partnered with the 410 Bridge to help the village of Tumutumu, Kenya gain access to clean water.

2014: Pour it On: Partnered with 410 Bridge to build an elementary school in Maliarette, Haiti.

2013: Fast for Freedom: Partnered with Restavek Freedom Foundation to provide advocacy, education, and care for 50 restavek children being mistreated as household slaves in Haitian homes.

2012: Erase the Problem, Write the Solution: Raised money and awareness to bring textbooks and other learning supplies to the village of Karogoto, Kenya.

2011: Flood the Well: Raised money to help supply clean water and humanitarian efforts to the village of Karogoto, Kenya.

2010: Kenya vs. South Africa: Donated to finish various projects in for Karogoto, Kenya, and Cape Town, South Africa.

2009: Stick it to Poverty: Kick started micro-enterprise to support women and their families in Karogoto

2008: Fast to the Future: Supported 35 teenagers high school education for a year.

2007: Drown Thirst: Installed a well in Karogoto.




12:00 PM - Fast begins after lunch (eat big)
6:00 PM - Event begins at the Dickson City campus
7:00 - 8:30 PM - Learning Activities
9:00 PM - Worship session
10:30 PM - Middle School students and small group leaders travel to Clarks Summit campus for the night
12:00 AM - Lights out in sleeping areas


9:00 AM - Service projects across Northeast Pennsylvania
1:00 PM - Off-site activities
6:00 PM - Celebrate in the 6:00 PM service at the Dickson City campus
6:10 PM - Break the fast
7:00 PM - Event ends

*There is a $15 pre-registration fee to sign up (payable to Parker Hill). 
*Registration fee is $20 at the door.
*In order to reserve a T-shirt, registration must be complete by February 12. 
*Participants must raise a minimum of $50 to attend the 30Hr Fast event (all donations made payable to 410 Bridge).